A Prime Machine Tool Builder w/ a Hyped Twist falls flat in Q4

I used to get freely distributed emails (i.e. non-premium) from a well regarded service based in the UK.  They struck me as very smart and very buttoned down.  What they didn’t strike me as was guys who have worked on a manufacturing floor.  When I saw their narrative remaining bullish the likes of Fanuc due to its Robotics component (in the face of what I knew was a near meltdown about to take place in Machine Tools) I quit their email list because I felt their analysis itself was too robotic.

As noted before, Fanuc is a Machine Tool builder (and a damn good one) with a cool Robotics angle; not the other way around.  Here is Fanuc’s latest quarterly release for anyone interested.  It’s not pretty, but it is right in line with the Machine Tool industry.

fanuc quarterly results

I think the problem is only partially due to the recent firming of the Yen, but that hasn’t helped.  Fanuc is on radar for when Japan becomes a buy, but that day is in question right now after the Nikkei lost an intermediate-term uptrend channel (2nd chart below, reviewed most weeks in NFTRH).

fanuynikkei weekly chart

Here again is the terrible Machine Tools trend per a post from yesterday.

machine tool sales

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