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NFTRH+; Spotlight on Fanuc

I want to open up an occasional new direction for NFTRH+, where as situations present we deviate from strict chart setups and when I feel I have enough knowledge about a company to at least allow for some fundamental discussion to enter the mix. NFTRH+, as with other lesser priority updates will only be published at the site and auto emailed to those signed up … Continue reading NFTRH+; Spotlight on Fanuc

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More Robots, Fewer Jobs

Bloomberg has an article out this morning showing the economic zones where the Robotics industry is taking jobs away from humans. More Robots, Fewer Jobs This is a fact of modern economic life and it is one reason why Donald Trump’s promises to America’s rust belt workers will go largely unfulfilled. Ref. Protection Will Lead to Great Prosperity. Robots and automation will shift the economy … Continue reading More Robots, Fewer Jobs

i Robot

A reader emailed me this article from Mike Shedlock.  Whenever I read articles on manufacturing written by financial types I prepare for the worst (cue the legions of suits and polished fancy shoes that never saw a factory floor, pumping 3D Printers a couple years ago), but Mish plays it pretty straight and simply outlines the fierce competition among large shoe manufacturers to go Robo. … Continue reading i Robot


A Prime Machine Tool Builder w/ a Hyped Twist falls flat in Q4

I used to get freely distributed emails (i.e. non-premium) from a well regarded service based in the UK.  They struck me as very smart and very buttoned down.  What they didn’t strike me as was guys who have worked on a manufacturing floor.  When I saw their narrative remaining bullish the likes of Fanuc due to its Robotics component (in the face of what I … Continue reading A Prime Machine Tool Builder w/ a Hyped Twist falls flat in Q4

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NFTRH+ Trade Setup; Fanuc

Well, here is Mr. Inverted H&S showing up again.  We had something similar in BEN last week, something similar potentially on RUT/IWM… indexes, stocks, US, global… these bounce patterns seem to be popping up everywhere. A little history for those who do not know.  First of all, I am a former manufacturing guy and I have a long history with this quality machine tool company.  … Continue reading NFTRH+ Trade Setup; Fanuc