NFTRH 357 Out Now

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#357 is about road maps for the US stock market.  There is one road map for the immediate-term, one for the next 1-2 months and then another, which will be the decider between a new, manic and bullish stock blow off phase or a brand spanking new little baby bear.

Regardless of what the big answer is in the fall, the next 1-2 months is going to be very trade-able, in both directions.  Parameters are clear.

As for the precious metals, they are a work in progress.  For now, the US stock market is a better trading vehicle, technically.  I’d advise people to tune out anyone who would try to use last week’s events to scare people into gold.  Gold will get where it is going in its due time, and it does not need pompoms and cheering squads to help it.

nftrh 357