Machine Tool Sales Data Continue to Degrade

EDA has compiled US Machine Tool sales data for January and it was not good at all.  This is the leading edge of manufacturing and it is trending lower.


‘But it declines every January after the near-automatic December sales spike’ one might implore.  To which I’d answer yes that is true, but December’s sales of new equipment was nearly 600 units off from 2013.

‘But 2014 was an IMTS (International Machine Tool Show in Chicago) year so the October spike resulting from the show may have limited the December spike’ one might add.  To which I’d say yes, but even that bump was smaller than both 2012 and 2013’s October levels.

I was curious to see whether there would be some sort of delayed bump up in January, illogical as it would have been.  There was not.  It remains an open question however, as to how deeply the data are effected by the West Coast port shutdowns.