Cu @ 1.50?

There was a time not so long ago we used a similar monthly chart for crude oil to project a target of 70.  That chart was not nearly as bearish as the one for Doctor Copper has been over the last couple of years.  Oil sheared right through the target of 70 and kept on going to unthinkable lows. Is the measurement for Copper so … Continue reading Cu @ 1.50?

Yield Curve, etc. Today

The 10 to 5 to 2 year spread is indicative of market upset, obviously. Here is the up to the minute view of 30 year vs. 5 year yields, with a nose diving inflation expectations barometer in the lower panel.  A rising yield curve can be indicative of inflation expectations rising if long-term yields are rising faster than short-term yields.  Or it can be indicative … Continue reading Yield Curve, etc. Today

Foiled by the Rupee?

I make a big deal about India and its Central Banker, Raghuram Rajan.  He stands out among global bankers for his willingness to fight inflation and credit bubbles as needed. But I have to tell you that I think I made a mistake using the Rupee chart as apparently, it is either an inverted view or a view of USD vs. Rupee.  I have … Continue reading Foiled by the Rupee?