Silver Miners ETF Breaking Consolidation

Personally, I’d been mentally preparing for SIL and the gold stock ETFs and indexes to at least test the 200 day moving averages. Well, if the first half of today is any indication and barring a startling reversal, that does not look like a good prospect. October highs are the last man standing in the way. For “best of breed” top down analysis of all … Continue reading Silver Miners ETF Breaking Consolidation

NFTRH+; a Look Inside the Silver Sector [w/ edit]

Since the SIL/Silver ratio is the one putting a hard test on its major uptrend (daily SMA 200), let’s take a closer look at the current situation in relation to the last big event in 2011 and the last big rally in 2016. I will keep an eye on the daily chart of SIL/Silver, which right now does not look good. It will need to … Continue reading NFTRH+; a Look Inside the Silver Sector [w/ edit]


NFTRH Update; Gold, Silver & Miners on FOMC Day

Gold made a perfect test of the SMA 50 (blue).  In rising to 1220 in January it has now formed resistance at that point.  If it can break through and hold above 1220, the objective would be the SMA 200 (red) up to 1310 or so. Silver is the one that is interesting.  Yesterday it made a break above the key resistance we have been … Continue reading NFTRH Update; Gold, Silver & Miners on FOMC Day

NFTRH 402 Out Now

Last week this site got semi hysterical about inflation because a new signal came about in the relationship of silver to gold.  This was added to ‘push’ inflation that we are already projecting within the US economy even as the world quakes at the feet of the godz of deflation. However, the long-term is the long-term (deflationary w/ bouts of man made inflation consequences), the … Continue reading NFTRH 402 Out Now

miner hedge book

More on the Silver and Gold CoT… Edit Added w/ Ted Butler’s Comments

I received an email from a well-known silver analyst who told me that there are no miners actively hedging on the COMEX; that the title of Producers are actually populated by banks and firms like Glencore.  Unless I get permission from him I’ll not identify the person or quote him exactly.  I’ll edit it in later if so. With a multitude of tools I use … Continue reading More on the Silver and Gold CoT… Edit Added w/ Ted Butler’s Comments

Precious Metals Grind Out a New Trend

Gold is Monetary Value

We preface the post with a statement that has not changed since I began public writing nearly 10 years ago:  Gold is not about price; gold is about value.  This point was hammered home to me 11 years ago by a person who had much influence upon my viewpoint toward the financial system and its various diseased components at a time when I was ready to listen and understand.

So whether we are talking about 2013’s epic price crash or a new bull trend in 2014, the simple fact is that physical gold itself is a store of monetary value.  That applied last year as the value was marked down by greed and confidence and it will apply this year as it is marked up in the face of a likely unwinding of those things.  Humans, what funny and hyper kinetic animals.

Precious Metals Speculation

Ah, but this post is about the fun part, the speculative part where we humans can make gains from gaming the simple store of value and its wild little brother, silver.  As asset market speculators we care about prices, right?  How about the share prices of the completely blown to bits miners that dig the stuff out of the ground?

Continue reading “Precious Metals Grind Out a New Trend”