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On Semiconductor Fab Equipment

The Semiconductor Equipment sector is part of the solution to the Semiconductor supply shortage problem Per NFTRH 656 and several editions previous to it, we have been viewing the Semi…

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Semiconductor Sector, Updated

We have been using the Semis as a one of several economic signposts, and as an investment/trading destination since the Semi Equipment 'bookings' category in the Book-to-Bill ratio began to…

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SEMI Equipment Book-to-Bill Improves

Billings were down significantly and that matters not a whit.  Bookings jumped and so did the ratio, which of this occasion is indicative of a good report.  From SEMI's mouthpiece:…

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Semi b2b Jumps to 1.08, and it’s Deceiving

The Semi equipment book-to-bill ratio jumped all the way to 1.08!  Can you believe that?  Well unfortunately, what matters is nominal bookings and billings.  Bookings eased a bit from December's…

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alice, nftrh

NFTRH; Semi Equip. Bear Flags

The market bounce (whether very mini to SPX 1915 or maxi to 2000) is in progress (see public post from this morning for more on this).  Within this we need…

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Semi Equip b2b & Market Notes

The Semiconductor Equipment book-to-bill data are out and while June eased a bit it did nothing to cause any disturbance to Q2’s numbers.  This means that through the April-June quarter the reported data of the 3 month averages remained strong.  Bookings have however gone on a slight declining trend over the last 3 reports.


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