NFTRH 688, out now

After a whipsaw into and through ‘Fed minutes’ Wednesday, the week ends with an important theme intact. All the usual key aspects are updated and we stay our course to be right with Q1, 2022 and beyond. NFTRH 688, out now. For “best of breed” top down analysis of all major markets, subscribe to NFTRH Premium, which includes an in-depth weekly market report, detailed market … Continue reading NFTRH 688, out now

vs. SPY

Weekly views of several sectors vs. the broad SPY… These weekly charts show the main trends of various individual sectors vs. the S&P 500, which is comprised of the whole lot of them. On these charts, the trends are what is important, not TA concepts like patterns, support, resistance, etc. The trends, and secondarily the potentials that they may change (you will notice a few … Continue reading vs. SPY

US Sectors vs. SPY

Hey listen folks, with the exception of one really big and probably strategic divergence, which I will keep behind the curtain (or in the rabbit hole) for now, this market’s internals are fine and its sectors are rotating in a normal looking fashion. So understand that if said “really big divergence” plays out as I think it will one day, you will hear about it … Continue reading US Sectors vs. SPY