US Sectors vs. SPY

Hey listen folks, with the exception of one really big and probably strategic divergence, which I will keep behind the curtain (or in the rabbit hole) for now, this market’s internals are fine and its sectors are rotating in a normal looking fashion.

So understand that if said “really big divergence” plays out as I think it will one day, you will hear about it from me, repeatedly. That is because in this business, you tout what you bring to the table that is unique to the massive gob of information (on the sleaziest end, watch out for that Taboola and Outbrained eyeball harvesting crap that serves you the likes of this Altucher clown) and analysis out there that taken as a whole is in my opinion a big, dumb, trend following mess.

Anyway, US Sectors vs. SPY

The daily relative views show broken leadership by the Financials as the divergence to Treasury yields continues, Energy looking pretty damn functional, broad Healthcare still gently down trending, Industrials on a slow roll over, Materials fairly neutral and Tech motoring along its relative uptrend.

sectors vs. spy

The weekly SPY-relative view shows a small breakdown in Financials, Energy still in a long-term downtrend although it did recently make a higher high, broad Healthcare down trending, Industrials on a slight breakdown, Materials as well and Technology… today’s flight to safety (ha ha ha) bid whenever things get rough out there. But seriously, its leadership has been a machine, especially since Trump got elected and they stupidly knee jerked out of Tech in November of 2016.

us sectors vs. spy

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