Gold-Silver Ratio and the Metals’ Fundamentals

Keith Weiner calculates strong fundamentals for both gold and silver (with gold’s being better).  His fundamental price of gold stands at around $1400/oz. and silver at $18.70.  He also calculates a Gold-Silver Ratio (GSR) at over 74. The fundamental calculations conflict with my guarded stance on the metals. His method is more focused directly on the gold and silver markets, while mine are focused on … Continue reading Gold-Silver Ratio and the Metals’ Fundamentals

2 Horsemen Still at Odds

The Gold-Silver ratio and Uncle Buck usually ride together but not through the post-Brexit landscape. US stocks and Treasury bonds often go opposite each other, but not during the post-Brexit phase.  Is risk the hell ‘on’ or is it ‘off’? Who is lying?  Is silver’s great performance vs. gold phony, or a precursor to an inflation issue?  Or will both metals drop with silver dropping … Continue reading 2 Horsemen Still at Odds

Silver-Gold Ratio Updated

In the previous post we see inflation expectations so well tamped down.  In this post we look at silver’s break out of a consolidation channel vs. gold.  If TIP-TLT is our way of sensing inflation indications by the bond market, Silver-Gold ratio (SGR) is a sensor within the metals market. Caveats for inflationists… SGR remains well shackled (though potentially bull flagging at the key moving … Continue reading Silver-Gold Ratio Updated

2 Horsemen Ride w/ #1 Back in the Saddle

Yesterday we noted the Gold-Silver ratio and the US dollar would not remain disconnected and with today’s market disturbance, indeed they are back on the same page.  While gold is still short-term bearish vs. silver, if that changes the 2 Horsemen could be the bringers of unpleasant near-term outcomes for casino patrons far and wide. So the play appears to be if GSR & USD … Continue reading 2 Horsemen Ride w/ #1 Back in the Saddle

Silver-Gold Ratio a Party Pooper

Look folks, I realize that the last month has been fun for everybody with stocks and commodities bottoming and joining the bounce party.  Reproducing the Multi-asset chart from NFTRH 386 once again, we see that gold led the whole thing by a couple of months and as of this morning’s pre-market post was pretty much still in line.  Well, a $15 shave today and it’s looking more suspect.


Continue reading “Silver-Gold Ratio a Party Pooper”


Guest: Gold-Silver Ratio by Monetary Metals

By Monetary Metals Gold-Silver Ratio Breakout The gold to silver ratio moved up very sharply this week, +4.2%. How did this happen? It was not because of a move in the price of gold, which barely budged this week. It was due entirely to silver being repriced 66 cents lower. This ratio is now 83.2. It takes 83.2 ounces of silver to buy an ounce … Continue reading Guest: Gold-Silver Ratio by Monetary Metals

2 Horsemen Updated

A site reader/subscriber sent me an email with the simple subject ‘Two Horsemen’, with reference to the 2 riders and their current states.  This prompts me to look into it. Horseman #1, Uncle Buck, is still looking bullish.  USD made a higher low in June, putting into question the series of lower highs and lower lows from February.  A higher high to May above 98 … Continue reading 2 Horsemen Updated

2 Horsemen

Gold-Silver ratio continues to imply that Uncle Buck can take a break and that inflation-sensitive items may catch a break. Subscribe to NFTRH Premium for your 25-35 page weekly report, interim updates (including Key ETF charts) and NFTRH+ chart and trade ideas or the free eLetter for an introduction to our work. Or simply keep up to date with plenty of public content at … Continue reading 2 Horsemen

2 Horsemen Diverge

One rider seems to be stating that the other rider is not long for its rally.  Isn’t this a turn of events?  Uncle Buck up, stocks down, commodities down and precious metals up. It makes perfect sense and people should probably dedicate 2015 to figuring out why, if they haven’t already. Subscribe to NFTRH Premium for your 25-35 page weekly report, interim updates (including Key … Continue reading 2 Horsemen Diverge