2 Horsemen Still at Odds

The Gold-Silver ratio and Uncle Buck usually ride together but not through the post-Brexit landscape.


US stocks and Treasury bonds often go opposite each other, but not during the post-Brexit phase.  Is risk the hell ‘on’ or is it ‘off’?


Who is lying?  Is silver’s great performance vs. gold phony, or a precursor to an inflation issue?  Or will both metals drop with silver dropping harder, keeping deflation and contraction in play?  Is the Semi equipment sector going to burp up another great ‘Bookings’ reading (for June) or is it going to cough up a lung?  Is Uncle Buck off sides or leading coming events?

I am the asking a lot of questions, which must mean I am not pretending to know the answers right now.  I have my preferred scenarios, but this is not nearly a cut and dry situation until the indicators start making better sense together.

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