The World Celebrates USD Decline

The Trump/Fed/Treasury/Taxpayer backed reflation parlor trick known as currency devaluation does not only benefit the reflation sensitive US sectors (Materials, Industrials, Financials, etc.), it also benefits much of the world’s asset markets. The ratio of ACWX (World ex-US) to SPY is usually in line with inverse USD. Lately it has under performed but appears to have some catching up to do. In other words, global … Continue reading The World Celebrates USD Decline

What NFTRH+ Does (e.g. TSM)

NFTRH+ has been designated as tier 2 in the updating system, whereas tier 1 is for more detailed or higher priority updates and tier 3 is just brief notes (and an occasionally chart) added to the Trade Log Notes page. Tier 1 updates are posted and emailed directly to subscribers and Tiers 2&3 updates are posted here at the site and announced on Twitter (@NFTRHgt). … Continue reading What NFTRH+ Does (e.g. TSM)

So Who’s Pumping GWPH?

Who’s pumping GW Pharmaceuticals? Anyone? Don’t know, don’t care. It’s another 13.5% tacked on to a previous profitable seasonal bottom feed trade. It’s a market that is re-developing its high risk profile and profit taking is part of risk management. I’ve already sold two newsletter pumps in the last week and I can’t find a publicly available reason for this. So… thank you sir. That … Continue reading So Who’s Pumping GWPH?

In Keeping With the Season, da VEE Parties On… to Target #2!

Okay, by now you’ve guessed that I am not doing much of anything on New Year’s eve.*  I mean who is out here posting financial stuff on a night of such revelry anyway, eh? Well, those of us who don’t now and never have in our lives ever reveled, that’s who. The ‘V’ just about doinked the second target today (plotted in #582 1.5 weeks … Continue reading In Keeping With the Season, da VEE Parties On… to Target #2!

Putting the Lie to the Latest Trump Pump

For a little comic relief, here’s our Cheerleader-In-Chief. Sure Mr. President, but it’s not just a Great America thing. US stocks have declined vs. Russian stocks for over a year now. Great America made its high vs. Europe a year ago. America made its high against China A-Shares over a year ago. US made its high against Japan back in August. Vs. India over a … Continue reading Putting the Lie to the Latest Trump Pump

Mother Russia Could Soon Be US’s Daddy

I am holding ERUS as an early mover in the anti-USD global market out performance sweepstakes (if the Q4 2018 2019 or H1 2020 view is correct in its various viewpoints). I’ve traded ERUS a few times but managed to successfully stay positioned at the right times. The ETF is at top (weekly chart) and the its relation to SPY is at bottom. Russia has … Continue reading Mother Russia Could Soon Be US’s Daddy

To Trump Supporters Who Are Also Investors…

Happy now? Well congratulations, if the reports are true Trump is now trying to take over free market forces with protectionism going steroidal. I hold BABA and so I am doubly irritated by this. But those investors emailing me to ease up on Trump because of all the good he’s done might just want to consider the bad he’s doing as well. Stock market hits … Continue reading To Trump Supporters Who Are Also Investors…


India: A Long Way From Rajan

I used write once in a while about the economically austere and sensible former Indian Central Bank Chief, Raghuram Rajan. He was essentially pushed out by the Modi government, which had other ideas for goosing the economy. Today’s result? A 6.5% burst in the India iShares INDY. It was important because… this… From NFTRH 568 using the weekly chart of BSE above: “So far the … Continue reading India: A Long Way From Rajan