APHA Wants to Get High

“Man, what is this shit, man?”

On May 22 we noted the APHA buy (along with CWBHF), which had each been added a few days earlier per the Trade Log. CWBHF exploded higher in short order but Aphria has been a slower mover, surprising me to see 41% next to its symbol today.

I have made a point of either avoiding down trending stocks or being really aware of their status (ref. JBLU sale on Friday and KRE sale today) as bounce prospects only. Yet still I hold APHA. Could change in the next 5 minutes or I could still be holding it in 5 months. I just don’t know right now. I’d guess it’ll be something in between. :-)

Today is interesting because it’s claiming the SMA 200 on volume. Could be a head fake. Could be real. Man.