Goodbye Little Piggies

The Pigs (banks) obviously get a boost when long-term interest rates rise relative to short-term interest rates. In other words, they like inflation-instigated reflation with a steepening yield curve. But I am creeping out the door of the reflation trades incrementally. This increment sees a 12%+ profit (for a few days of holding) booked on the Regional Banks as KRE gets pumped to near the … Continue reading Goodbye Little Piggies

Man Stares at Palladium Chart, Ignores What He Sees

Per the NFTRH Trade Log on June 4: Added PALL very tentatively. It feels like it should be part of a reflation play but speaking of a ‘play’, it has been played aggressively for years and to make matters worse, the “Original Uranium Palladium Bug” was pumping it into the early 2020 top. Still, I am giving it a shot here and disregarding the breakdown … Continue reading Man Stares at Palladium Chart, Ignores What He Sees


In Friday’s post about the Stock/Economy Pumper-in-Chief we also noted regarding economic ‘experts’ AKA economists: Of course the ‘experts’ were wrong. They are usually wrong. That’s why I tune out ‘experts’, especially economists. Never a more Wrong Way bunch of Corrigans have I ever seen (don’t believe me, believe the Economic Surprise Index, constantly showing how surprised the experts are by economic activity). Here’s the … Continue reading Surprise!