India: A Long Way From Rajan

I used write once in a while about the economically austere and sensible former Indian Central Bank Chief, Raghuram Rajan. He was essentially pushed out by the Modi government, which…

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Oh Canada!

We track the major global markets each week in NFTRH and in NFTRH 568 we noted the following using a weekly chart of the Toronto Composite index. Canada's TSX looks…

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A Reluctant Goodbye to ASML

The chart tells you why it was time for me at least, to take a nice profit on this up trending and bullish stock. They say don't be greedy. So…

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Da ‘V’ is Curiously Firm Today

With US and global markets (including the senior Canadian index) generally under moderate pressure, commodity outliers like Uranium, REE and Lithium getting hammered, oil/energy already in the dumps and even…

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Read more about the article ‘vs. SPY’… Global Edition

‘vs. SPY’… Global Edition

Here are some global market ETFs vs. SPY. What's most important on these charts is not really TA, but the trends as indicated by the 50 and 200 day moving…

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Is it Really the US Über Alles?

Some humble corners out in the frontiers are not buying it. A not so humble (but relatively modestly valued) super power is not buying it either. Even Europe has been…

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Global Market Internals

Here are some charts from the NFTRH Global Market Internals segment, much of which is used to gauge the trends of global markets vs. the US (SPY/SPX). We also keep…

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