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NFTRH 732 is uploaded to the archive for subscribers. It does not break much new ground but it does reinforce and add clarity to our ongoing, and thus far on track themes.

nftrh premium, #732

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  1. Paul

    Hey, Gary. A particularly excellent report this week. Many thanks.

    1. Gary

      Thank you, Paul. I appreciate that.

  2. Aaron Krumm

    Hi Gary, thanky for your report ! One question: You noted the jump of CHF/USD above the 200SMA (Bullmove ?) I remembered anyone mentioning the postitive correlation of Gold and CHFUSD. Maybe also a precursor to the bull in Gold ? Do you know that correlation and if so could you elaborate a bit on it ? Thank you very much !

    1. Gary

      Hi Aaron, CHF/USD has had a strong correlation with gold from 2001 to 2018. More recently, CHF/USD did not keep up with gold to the upside in 2019 and it diverged negatively to the downside since 2020.

      I’ve shown the chart a couple times and it is a divergence I’ve been aware of. It sure does seem like if CHF/USD were to actually go bullish (rather than spike and fail) a tail wind for the gold price would come into play.

  3. Bart

    Some cool notes from the frog pot this week :)

    1. Gary

      LOL, Bart. There is nothing like a good laugh on Monday morning! TY. Relax little froggies!

    2. Gary

      It appears that the Energy froggies are feeling some heat this morning.

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