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It’s a bear market in stocks. Captain Obvious speaks.

But there are potentials within that. Potential for a dispiriting crash, potential for a confounding rally and potential for a moderate (but still painful for over-exposed bulls) bear cycle rather than all out Armageddon.

On the big picture more and more of the global macro is failing. Commodity bulls are losing the firm ground beneath their feet as well. Precious Metals bulls? Well, it’s in the timing. But one thing to try to be sure of dear buggish friends, don’t be swallowing the inflation touts. Not if you’re a gold mining bug.

NFTRH 704 follows in the footsteps of its recent predecessors and is only 21 pages long. Yet those 21 pages are completely on point and strategic.

Separately, a reader of the free eLetter sent me this this morning. It made me feel good.

In the minefield of financial and investment info you are steadily earning that most valuable of commodities: Trust
Accept my heartfelt thanks for the level headed and judicious analysis you provide from a recent lurker.

Finally, a happy Mothers Day to all you moms out there.

nftrh 704

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