Mr. Robot talks gold (and silver)

It’s funny. I was shooting the shit with Jordan for about an hour before the interview started and I was Gary. We talked about Boston sports. I found out Jordan is a huge sports fan and his mom is from my area. And by extension, that he’s American (I always thought he was Canadian). We talked about a few other OT things and a lot about the wider markets and the often creepy denizens that ply their trades within them. A very pleasant man to converse with.

Then came show time and out came Mr. Robot with his indicators and technobabble. I can assure you that when Scott and I try the Podcast (assuming we decide to let it go public) I am going to be more me than Mr. Robot.

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  1. Anonymous

    Jordan is excellent and I have been a long-time subscriber. Its great to see you guys collaborate.

  2. Bart

    I have read Jordan’s articles since the last great gold bull of 2000-2011. Back then he was not a senior analyst, like Prechter or Saville (or even SKI). But now he definitely is. He might not read the macro as well as Gary, he did find a (meticulous) way to make (good) money even in a pm bear market. I subscribed to him a week ago.

  3. Gary

    When I started becoming educated about gold a couple decades ago there were a lot of interesting analysts and a lot of crackpots too (some things never change). I always felt Jordan was a rational voice amid all that. Still do.

  4. Mo

    It so happens you and Jordan are the only ones I’m subscribed to. I started reading you both in the mid-2000’s on 24hgold. I’ve tried all kinds of other services – Seeking Alpha, Stansberry, etc. but you are the only ones who have stood the test of time. You’re the only ones who try to get it right, the only ones who provide rational expectations. I like Gary for his read on the markets and some of his stock picks, and I read Jordan for his junior mining picks. I’ve found the hard way that it’s not good to ignore them!
    It’s nice to see you guys do a podcast!

    1. Gary

      Thank you for your thoughts Mo. I would not have done the interview w/ Jordan had I not thought highly of him.

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