Get ready for the Yield Curve Steepener

Yield Curve continues to steepen after the recent inversion

I do believe that we have ourselves a Yield Curve steepener on our hands.

yield curve

yield curve

Here is the new steepener in the context of the unfinished business I think the curve had back in 2020 before Corona virus hysteria hit like a tidal wave. That first 2020 steepening impulse was deflationary. The long slog upward into 2021 was inflationary. Again I’d say don’t count on the next steepening being inflation-driven. In fact, I’d bet against it.

This is a time for geeks and nerds. Not a time for automatic thinking by herds of automated entities. And even then, the nerds have to do their nerdy work in order to get it right.

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  1. Bart

    I bet against it too. Giving in to hyperinflation would be like surrendering, something the FED won’t do as long as they have some (imaginary) degree of control.

    1. Gary

      Well, they will not willingly give in to it. They’ll try to reverse it with this pathetic Kabuki Dance they are doing. The question on the big picture is when is enough enough? When is the system finally saturated with toxic policy inputs and just rolls over of its own polluted bloat?

      1. Mad Hatter

        The system is equivalent to the movie “Weekend at Bernies”.

  2. Gary

    In this movie who – or what – is Bernie? Oh wait, I know.

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