Picture = 1000 words

Click graphic, get hysterical media news (actually, I have not bothered to read it but judging by this trader’s face… :-))…

This guy is a classic and the waterfall stock chart behind him is priceless.

Hey folks, do you remember Christmas Eve, 2018? The Christmas Eve massacre? It was a glorious and culminating moment of washed out equity prices amidst hawkish Fed indifference as most normal people were out at holiday parties but what seemed like only I (and maybe you?) and an army of machines were managing the markets.

Well, this week is sure not on the Santa seasonal yet…

…and these seasonals merely being averages (subject to deviation at any given year), I wonder if Santa will be delayed or maybe pending a final and glorious running of the bulls like 2018. As you can see, newsletters, which should have been managing risk for much of the year recently tanked their sentiment (yardeni.com) into mid-month.

Of course, the bull could be ending at the hands of…


…and his little friend, Omicron.


But that is not how the play went amid the 2018 Fed hawk hysteria. It was an epic contrary knee jerk and whipsaw.

The next couple of weeks will be interesting. No guarantees for an over-valued, (previously) over-stimulated market. But interesting nonetheless.

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