Market sports Wood today

Cathy Wood’s ARKK fund gets a seasonal rotation (for a day or more)

With the caveat that not all of my tax loss specs are working yet (cough, cough… Cannabis MSOs… cough, cough) three of my tax loss seasonal specs, CRSP, TDOC and ZM are zooming today. They are all part of Cathy Wood’s ARKK fund, which has been murdered in 2021.

I have seen – especially around the Goldbug-O-Sphere – some chronic derision, even hatred hurled at the bubble woman lately. But today it is as if the machines were programmed thusly…

headline indexes and inflation trades take a hit, post-FOMC >>> yields decline>>>complete selling of those items and roll into richly valued story stocks decimated in 2021 and not dependent on inflation>>>focus target: tax loss candidates

So with ARKK up about 5.5% today we have my 3 ARKK Amigos doing this and keeping me in the tax loss seasonal speculation game. Maybe Santa can drive these up further next week. Maybe a January effect will come into play (pending the wider market, as always). There sure has been a lot of loss making in 2021 for true believers in these stories.

CRISPR stock (CRSP) looks up at the SMA 50 and a year full of losses.

crisper stock

Teledoc stock (TDOC) strains its neck looking so far above at all those losses it may have to see an in-person doc to get it fixed.

teledoc stock

Zoom Video stock (ZM), he of the non-stop 2020 bull horns is having a nice day contemplating the possibility of more to come during the seasonal play.

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