A Crispy profit (fully baked)

CRSP provides a profit at anticipated resistance

Why again does it pay to not be a one-way gold bug? Why again does it pay to watch and respect macro signals (structural, longer-term and interim)? Because it’s the market and it pays to follow its actual signals as opposed to its fantasized or imagined ones.

From this morning’s NFTRH Trade Log:

“Taking my 28% on CRSP, my ball, and going home w/ the stock at resistance as per NFTRH 661. Playing beyond this point = greed IMO.”

Can it continue to go up? Sure. But my goal is registered and I am not overstaying my welcome. Plenty of other growth/story fish in the sea.

The move comes a day after NFTRH 661 noted this in the Stock Charts & Notes segment…

Dog gone it, CRSP may make me sell it if it keeps rising toward clear resistance. It was among the first of the growth/story stocks I bought back as yields and the inflation trades began to cool.

Here is the updated chart from #661…


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