Just spending some time listening to the earliest (and rough) live recordings of me, my late brother in law Chris and Scott as we were trying to develop some original songs. Back then I could barely play a guitar where as now I sort of can play a guitar. Sort of. It’s making me sad and happy at the same time to listen to this … Continue reading Moonwalk

Beneath the CPI, a little whiff of Stagflation

CPI ramps, but real hourly earnings decline Okay, it’s another ‘Inflation Friday’ as the November CPI ramps (click graphic, get report)… So the headline is the big inflation number. But the sub-headline is the poor real hourly earnings number of -.4%, even as nominal earnings increased. All employees Real average hourly earnings for all employees decreased 0.4 percent from October to November, seasonally adjusted, the … Continue reading Beneath the CPI, a little whiff of Stagflation