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Just spending some time listening to the earliest (and rough) live recordings of me, my late brother in law Chris and Scott as we were trying to develop some original songs. Back then I could barely play a guitar where as now I sort of can play a guitar. Sort of.

It’s making me sad and happy at the same time to listen to this stuff. We were down Chris’s basement (before he built an actual studio) every Tuesday night drinking beer and making noise.

Scott: “Fuck off Gary”

Scott: “Sorry for saying ‘fuck off’ Gary.”

Gary: “Oh it’s quite alright.”

Chris: “Alright well it’s still rolling, so…”

Gary: “Who starts this?”

Chris (holding his patience): “You do.”

Gary: False start and re-start on an intro that never should have been and later was not…

I hear three guys having fun. This was October, 2008 as I was also launching NFTRH and experiencing the joys of an epic market crash. Side note: pardon my really unfortunate jeans shorts.