NFTRH+; this indicator is doing something it has not done since last year

The TSX-V/TSX ratio, the ratio of the speculative Canadian market vs. the senior Canadian market, which I use as a guide to speculative inflation trades, has spiked to take out the SMA 50, which it had failed to do on every bounce this year. While not proof of a bottom, it sure is the first required step to making one. Recall we used this indicator … Continue reading NFTRH+; this indicator is doing something it has not done since last year

NFTRH+; Target #2 at hand

An FYI that HUI’s 2nd target is being ticked today. That is the 255 area (current: 257). This also corresponds with the neckline of the yellow shaded pattern for what that’s worth. Huey is getting overbought on the daily chart as it parties with the cyclical, risk ‘on’ stuff. That is not the best environment for gold stocks to be bulling in. I felt that … Continue reading NFTRH+; Target #2 at hand


Market set up to go FOMO? Stock market sentiment has been very skittish at best, and flat out bearish at most. Players reacted accordingly. So is this the point of recognition when (AAII from my chart list and NFTRH 676)… …all that scared money (Newsletters tracked by Investors Intelligence from Yardeni and #676)… …issues a collective ‘RUH ROH’ and chases the market to get re-positioned … Continue reading FOMO?

Of course the Pigs are flying

Banks are posting a strong quarter The inflation (money printing by the Fed) has brought reflation (economic benefits of said inflation) and none are more targeted for benefit than the Pigs… err, that is, the banks. I have not read the article, but you can if you’d like by clicking the graphic. The headline gives reasons like something called a reserve release, advisory and asset … Continue reading Of course the Pigs are flying