Dynavax baby grew up quickly

DVAX hits Goldman’s target of 19 in 2.5 weeks

On August 13 we noted that the Vampire Squid had discovered my DVAX baby and set an upside target. Today DVAX is dinging the target of 19 and is growing up fast.

The thing is, I have to make a decision because the position has grown out of whack to what I consider normal position sizes (it’s more than doubled since it was bought in July). I also have to make a decision because I originally bought it as a candidate to be one of those stocks I owned early but let get away for massive, life changing gains (hello ISRG).

I bought it for its long-term growth potential, which it has been starting to make good on. The market is all psychology and I have to get mine in order because I’d hate two things… 1) to one day see DVAX orders of magnitude higher after I’ve sold, or 2) to be sitting here cursing my greed at not taking at least a partial profit (I already did so on another position in another account). I guess I could take out the initial investment and ride the free shares.

But then the greedy me thinks that’s how you lose life altering gains. Hmmm, decisions. Let me check the news. If I see some COVID hype in there it would make the decision easier. I bought it for its Hep vaccine over time.


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