My Dynavax (DVAX) baby is growing up

Dynavax stock breaks out of a base

As subscribers know, DVAX has been a fundamental darling of NFTRH’s writer who disclaims that he is not a stock analyst. However, I guess I have to admit that I am a sometimes stock picker to go along with chart reader and occasional fundamental analysis doer.

DVAX has been a wildly successful trade for me * over the last couple of years, buying the washouts and selling the overdone COVID adjuvant hype. But all the while it has been the Hepatitis vaccine’s commercial execution that is my fundamental reason for staying long-term, which is my current intention. I’m resisting selling any thus far (always subject to change) despite +30% and +40% on two different positions.

Baby DVAX has even gotten attention from the massive Vampire Squid, with a target of 19.

And here’s the pump in chart form as DVAX breaks out of a pattern within a new moving average uptrend that I felt was constructive. It is by the way, not a buy right now. That would be if noted short-term support gets tested.


The monthly chart shows what is actually a big picture bottom feed with massive upside volume since early 2020 (that’s the Covid hype that I sold into). But if the company continues to execute on its vaccine rollout more attention could come from the Squid’s big fish friends. Thus far I am the only one I know of who’s been on this thing. I like that.

* I don’t have to tell you that I’ve also had my share of clunkers over the years. You probably already know that.

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