vs Gold, reflation still on

Cyclical markets in relation to gold indicate reflation is still on, but… The most inflation sensitive markets are still trouncing gold, while certain stock markets are flipping suspect and the Good Ship Lollipop, the US S&P 500, sails on. When the inflationary boom cycle terminates all of these charts will go in the dumper. As yet, most are anything but in the dumper. Commodities/Gold Copper/Gold … Continue reading vs Gold, reflation still on

Copper’s breakdown/not breakdown

Copper price nullifies daily chart breakdown Last Monday we noted that copper was intact on the bigger picture but breaking down on the daily chart. Then on Tuesday we asked whether the turnaround in long-term yields might have signaled an end to the summer reflationary cool down and resumption of the reflation trades, of which copper is a headline play. This morning the copper price … Continue reading Copper’s breakdown/not breakdown