CPI inflation +.6% in May

CPI inflation rises .6% in May

Click graphic, get BLS report…

bls cpi inflation

A reminder to check out the Inflation Guy for the scoop on this report’s most important details (I believe he’ll tweet first in closer to real time)…

Hmm, it looks like we’re going full frontal 2007 with Energy costs…

And in honor of the man who began the journey to a Banana Republic – Donald J. Trump, well before the COVID-19 deflationary episode – we note that you can still buy the yellow fruit at reasonable prices! Hey, that’s something.

The 30yr yield was due for a bounce and bouncing it is. But depending on what kind of soothsaying and/or jawboning is broadcast in the media, the yield may or may not yet be ready to resume its big picture climb toward its destiny at the Continuum’s (monthly version of this chart) limiters.

30 year yield

But one way or another, I do think we are going to ding the limiters in 2021.

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