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On the occasion of two blow back emails, one from a subscriber and one from an email buddy who has in the past taken issue with my Trump views. Both are, from what I can gather, fine and thoughtful people.

Yesterday, for the first time since a new administration took over to promote its own brand of wrong-headed monetary/economic ideas, I mentioned Trump in passing in a post about CPI inflation. It was in the context of my ‘going bananas’ theme from 2020, wherein a Ponzi-propped real estate developer finally gets what he wants after repeatedly demanding the Fed drop interest rates so that America could devalue its currency and compete with other parts of the world in a race to the bottom of the monetary barrel.

In 2020 the devaluation was on. This round of it began under Trump and is being dutifully intensified under Biden, with a side order or Yellen’s fried bananas.

In the banana post headlines below (you’ll have to go do your own digging if you want to review the full posts) you will find one that is aimed at a lunatic liberal congresswoman and several that are not Trump focused but rather, America focused.

Ah, but Trump. Always the lightning rod. This is the offending passage…

And in honor of the man who began the journey to a Banana Republic – Donald J. Trump, well before the COVID-19 deflationary episode – we note that you can still buy the yellow fruit at reasonable prices! Hey, that’s something.

The Bananas shtick only began after we had finally gotten what Trump wanted, thanks to this a-hole…


…but the general theme actually began back in 2018 as Trump Bullied Powell, when we knew Powell was not going to listen because well, the Continuum was telling us he was not going to listen!

Yes folks, the linked post above was made as the 30yr bond yield was making an epic run to the Continuum’s upper limiter. Powell was hawkish despite a tanking stock market and few outside of you (if you share my vantage point) and me knew why. Trump robo-tweeted and the outrage grew from the hype, but the Fed was not going to incinerate itself in an inflationary bonfire.

30 year treasury bond yield

But please. How come when I criticize boring old Biden or his monetary/economic mouthpiece, Yellen I do not get blow back? What is it about the former president that personalizes things so intensely for so many people? The two guys who wrote to criticize my post don’t even like Trump as a person. Well, it must be because the tone of my cartoonish references to Trump are in direct correlation with Trump’s larger (and more cartoonish) than life persona that invites a different, more cartoonish criticism (bananas and all), whereas “sleepy Joe”? Well… zzzzzzzz.

The point of the readers’ responses was that the debt orgy has been ongoing under all of them, Republicans and Democrats alike. Trump promised he’d be different and oh yeah, was he different. But not in this one America-damaging aspect. He demanded more bananas well before COVID-19 drove the Fed into full banana mode.

Guys, I was criticizing the debt edifice against which they inflate the system as far back as 2004 here and here and in numerous articles under all political regimes since. I think Trump is a jerk of a person. As such, he invites more cartoonish criticism (IMO). But it’s the same America of the same flavor (banana, of course) as when I began writing publicly. America great again… ah, no.

Millions think he was in the process of making America great again. He was not. He was simply a new and outlandish banana flavor. Period.

Now I happily and hopefully don’t need to mention him again for a long time, if ever.

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