NFTRH+; A key reflation-sensitive market, updated

On 5/21 in the Trade Log we noted that the TSX-V was making an initial move above the SMA 50 to potentially break consolidation. Now a week later, it’s still on message. Just an FYI on a market that was important to our speculative inflationary view in 2020 and would need to hold its uptrend to keep that same view in play in 2021. If … Continue reading NFTRH+; A key reflation-sensitive market, updated

Biden’s alternate universe

As Biden Speaks, remember the economy is run by the Fed and it is run by inflation Of course, a career politician will be adept at framing the narrative just right, adding to it, tweaking it and layering on fancy words and concepts in order to veil the true and unbelievably simple fact that the inflation started under a very different presidential administration and continues … Continue reading Biden’s alternate universe