Gold vs. SPY (and other markets/assets)

Gold is now bouncing vs. most risk ‘on’, inflation-sensitive and/or cyclical markets/assets

Since first noting the very spark of an initial hint in NFTRH 653 and then again in this subscriber update (now public), gold has gone on to put on a moderate to vigorous bounce in relation to a world full of inflated, reflated and cyclical asset markets.

May be nothing, may be something. Right now that something is the first thing needed to transition gold mining fundamentals, both macro (more sentiment/psychological) and sector (having direct impact on bottom line financial execution), to positive. Follow though required.

But tell me, isn’t it funny how the metal, touted far and wide by gold bugs as inflation protection, is only doing this as inflation expectations take a much needed pullback? It’s funny and oh so predictable.

GLD/SPY (US stocks)

GLD/ACWX (global stocks)

GLD/DBC (commodities)

GLD/USO (oil)

GLD/CPER (copper)

GLD/XLB (Materials)

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