#BitCON is just doing what it should do

Bitcoin is getting blasted just as the charts have been forecasting for months We have been managing a coming top in Bitcoin (BTCUSD) for months now, ever since RSI negatively diverged and MACD put in an ugly divergence in March. Most recently, from NFTRH 655 last weekend: The Bitcoin chart has been degrading since we first noted the RSI and MACD divergences back in March. … Continue reading #BitCON is just doing what it should do

Gold vs. SPY (and other markets/assets)

Gold is now bouncing vs. most risk ‘on’, inflation-sensitive and/or cyclical markets/assets Since first noting the very spark of an initial hint in NFTRH 653 and then again in this subscriber update (now public), gold has gone on to put on a moderate to vigorous bounce in relation to a world full of inflated, reflated and cyclical asset markets. May be nothing, may be something. … Continue reading Gold vs. SPY (and other markets/assets)

World in a Diamond

ACWX (world, ex-US) sports a Diamond pattern in the making. People incorrectly (IMO) label this as a reversal pattern when actually in my experience a Diamond tends to be a pause to consolidate prior to either a reversal or a continuation of the previous trend. So that is all it is, a decision point about further rally potential. Given the waning momentum indicators (it’s similar … Continue reading World in a Diamond

NFTRH; US Stocks, Precious Metals & USD

Global market stress this morning I was going to talk about the ongoing VIX divergence and loss of momentum in SPX, regardless of how the market looked this morning. That is because when replying to a tweet showing negative divergences in the 10 day moving average of the Equity Put/Call ratio (we use the 10 week moving average in NFTRH to show the structural overbought … Continue reading NFTRH; US Stocks, Precious Metals & USD