Druckenmiller Speaks

Druckenmiller on the Fed’s excesses & USD

A lot of these media stars are clowns. You know I think that because you see me make fun of them and use them as the contrary indicators they are. But Stanley Druckenmiller is different. A super analytical and low key guy. I don’t necessarily agree with the view on the USD, but as Druck says in the interview I can “change my mind”.

The US dollar – in my opinion – does not need positive fundamentals in order to rise. All it would take is one good market tank job to do the trick. All that speculative money would fly back into US dollars. It’s the old liquidity knee-jerk play and if it were to come about it could refresh the market and even fuel a future rise in the inflation trades.

But anyway, here’s Stan with an indictment of the Fed, which to me is an indictment of the government and as a whole, the US of A, which finished gulping down its seed corn, oh… decades ago.

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