The Gold Stock Correction is Maturing

The last time I wrote a title like the above was on June 19th; and wouldn’t you know that the correction ended the very next trading day? The consolidation breakout on Monday, June 22 created the gap you will see as a downside objective on the daily chart of HUI below. Gold Sector Correction is Maturing (6.19.20) That was a routine correction as gold and … Continue reading The Gold Stock Correction is Maturing

Gold vs. Stock Markets

Gold correction vs. cyclical assets continues In the last post we viewed gold’s correction vs. commodities, materials and silver. Here, let’s take a look at gold vs. developed stock markets. It helps to look at markets as a process rather than a life or death battle of us (the good guys, ha ha ha) against them (a nefarious collection of “banksters”, manipulators, liberal conspirators forcing … Continue reading Gold vs. Stock Markets

Gold vs. Inflation/Reflation Markets

A view of gold in ratio to markets that benefit on a relative basis from cyclical inflation, which as you know central banks and politicians have been working over time to create in 2020. This is all normal to the 2003-2008 blueprint, when gold stocks rose some 300% despite the degrading fundamentals implied by charts like these. The 2008 crash liquidation being well-earned. The wildcard … Continue reading Gold vs. Inflation/Reflation Markets