Gold vs. Stock Markets

Gold correction vs. cyclical assets continues

In the last post we viewed gold’s correction vs. commodities, materials and silver. Here, let’s take a look at gold vs. developed stock markets.

It helps to look at markets as a process rather than a life or death battle of us (the good guys, ha ha ha) against them (a nefarious collection of “banksters”, manipulators, liberal conspirators forcing us into a singular new world order, or the great and powerful Oz himself).

The market is simply a living organism or more accurately the product of millions of living organisms (and their machines) and the emotional excesses (and promotions) that drive ’em into gold will always (get that, always) drive them back out again. I implore you to tune out those reinforcing your emotions at points like last spring, for example.

Anyway, here is the snapshot of gold vs. stock markets. Since Gold/SPX lost .52 we’ve been expecting the ‘fear gap’ to fill. Other markets are doing similar things. It’s all emotion and it’s all natural to markets. It’s peoples’ expectations that get bent out of shape sometimes. And it’s no coincidence that people are getting mighty frothy in their stock market bullishness these days.

gold vs. stock markets

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