Bedfellows Do Not Include the Miners

We have shown how the US stock market and the inverse of the US currency are not so strange bedfellows. But there is one former bedfellow who is now strange indeed.

Funny how most people, including legions of gold bugs, think of the precious metals as THE anti-USD trade. But the gold miners do not benefit fundamentally from inflation. But inflation obsession is the party line that the usual suspect gold bug generals dictate and the gold bug followers… follow unquestioningly. Not you good sir and madam. I know you are more astute. But never get in the way of a mainstream gold bug and his completely messed up perceptions.

Moderate diatribe aside, here is an interesting look at Thing 1 (S&P 500) & Thing 2 (inverse USD) going one way, and Thing 3 going quite another this month.

Oh my god, give up the ship gold bugs! The inflation is not helping the miners!! Look, just puke already and give up the ship, okay? You know you want to. Just do it already. We need to get about the business of what this disconnect means as we move forward and you cling-ons are delaying the process.

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