Zoom… No Mo Momo (for me)

No mas, I can’t take it anymore. I took the profit on the final shares (a minor portion were sold previously) of ZM today. This year I have tried something different and it has worked very well. That something is to overlook valuation and ideology (in this case anti-bubble ideology) and go with what I see with my own to eyes, like trends in a market obsessed with and driven by monetary policy (the Fed is all about rising prices, after all).

I bought ZM at the bottom of the deep diving bull flag in early September and today release this stock that I think does not have sufficient barriers to entry to even come close to supporting its valuation going forward. Let the Robinhood gamers game it from here on.

As noted frequently in NFTRH I’ve been reluctant to take profits, especially sizable ones, in my tax-exposed account, but enough is enough. It’s time for some re-balancing.

zoom, zm

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