Gold, Silver & HUI Big Pictures

Gold, silver and the HUI Gold Bugs index are viewed here by their big picture monthly charts. In NFTRH we use mainly daily and weekly charts of these along with individual miners to better gauge the shorter-term pictures, which will advise on the end of the correction better than these more cumbersome monthlies that are great for keeping perspective amid the shorter-term noise. Our target … Continue reading Gold, Silver & HUI Big Pictures


Gold/Bond Ratios Merely Adjusting

In NFTRH we track Gold/Stocks consistently and Gold/Commodities and Gold/Currencies ratios fairly routinely. But we’ve not looked at gold’s ratios to bonds in a long while. I see Gold/Bonds as another confidence barometer, like with stocks only different. Gold/Stocks is a reflection of casino patrons’ willingness to speculate or lack thereof. I see Gold vs. sovereign Bonds more as a barometer to their CONfidence in … Continue reading Gold/Bond Ratios Merely Adjusting