NFTRH+; A Canary Weakens

A ‘for reference’ update to be filed in the ‘may be nothing, may be something’ category. My job is to try to find early potential signals but not to over react to them. We’ve long viewed the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials segments as a canary in a coal mine to economic cycles. The theory goes like this… Semi Equipment > Semi > Manufacturing > Broad … Continue reading NFTRH+; A Canary Weakens

Silver Futures

The silver bull (et) wants to break consolidation this morning and it wants to do it in the direction of the trend, which is up. Symmetrical Triangles are thought of as continuation patterns, so it makes sense. At the time of the crash low below important long-term support at 14 we speculated that this could be a shakeout marking an important low because that is … Continue reading Silver Futures