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A friendly reminder that the price of the NFTRH premium service will be increasing tomorrow. Hence, if I am going to ask you to give the service a try before the price goes up I should probably provide a reason why. What better way to do that than the words of a current customer (with permission)?

Hi Gary,

I hope you had a good weekend.

I tried to change my subscription to yearly but on the website there doesn’t seem to be a place to do this, although there is a note about adjusting the Paypal account.  I hardly ever use Paypal and I think my subscription is being billed directly to my credit card.  If it’s OK with you I will take you up on your offer to cancel the monthly subscription, and then as soon as you notify me I will buy the annual subscription.

As usual last weekend’s report was solid and a pleasure to study.  I’ve become so dependent on them I don’t know how I could start the week without them.  As I’ve written before, the service is invaluable to me.  I would have written a lot more effusive praise but I don’t want to embarrass myself and I don’t know how to write something short and witty but that does justice to the service, like that subscriber thanking you for turning on the lights in Buffalo Bill’s basement.  

On both gold rallies last year and the one since March I’ve made a ton of dough and it’s all thanks to you.  You’ve called every twist and turn and that target of HUI 375 going back a year is scary.  If ever you’re in Montreal please let me know and dinner at any one of our fine dining establishments is my treat.

Best Regards,


A few notes…

  • First of all, not many of us could have come up with that Buffalo Bill thing. It was a classic and hit right on the head what I am aiming for. Hence its place in the site’s header.
  • I have not called every twist and turn. I did nail the HUI target a year ahead of time but feel I had my share of minor Keystone Kop moments along the way to 375. We all have ’em.
  • I’d be planning an end of summer trip to Montreal at this very moment if they would let an American into Canada. So maybe next year! Thank you.