Am I Topping?

This is a chart of my IRA’s performance over the last year. Am I topping or am I in consolidation?

I’ll tell you one thing; there is no way I’m gonna test support. This thing is way too actively managed, which can be a bad thing on occasion but more often is a good thing. The markets are rotating like crazy and there’s always an investment somewhere according to the analysis. This sure ain’t no set-it-and-forget-it fund.

I rode the crash down to much lesser degree than the broad market (high cash and buying in some cases too soon) and I led the way back up. Yay me! Just kidding. I’ve been humbled before this market in the past and will be again.

Anyway, the data is at yesterday’s close. Today there’d be a little up hook at the end of it. I hope to break consolidation. But if not, I’ll adjust as needed. It’s been a good year.