2 Cops

Both letters shared on FaceBook this week. Dave Bissonnette I’ve had numerous people approach me and ask me my opinion regarding the police use of force in Minneapolis. I normally don’t speak out like this in such a public forum but my heart is broken with what I am witnessing across the country and right here in our own state and I feel the need … Continue reading 2 Cops

Silver/Gold Ratio Hits Target; About Those Inflation Indicators

The NFTRH plan is and has been that the gold mining sector, due to the fundamentals implied by the handy graphic below, could eventually lead a world full of inflatables higher. The miners, leveraging gold’s out performance to most everything else during liquidity crises and even deflation, move first and draw in the inflationist bugs later. If the macro goes inflationary the miners will likely … Continue reading Silver/Gold Ratio Hits Target; About Those Inflation Indicators

Yield Curve Steepener Continues

The 10/2 yield curve continues its grinding but sneaky bend upward. The media lathered up a dumbfounded public about the horrors of the inversion last August, but it always has been a subsequent steepening of the curve that would bring the changes, possibly nasty ones. On this reflationary global market bounce and threatened USD breakdown the steepening is inflationary at this time. But if the … Continue reading Yield Curve Steepener Continues