US Index Status

The leader, NDX, is filling its gap and pretty much at target today. The follower, SPX, is approaching target (and a gap fill). And Jerome Powell’s 60 Minutes megaphone clowned my little H&S scenario on the Dow. It’s okay though, Jerome is making me money, really funny munny. I don’t really have a target on this pig, as I watch the two above more closely. … Continue reading US Index Status

money supply

The Sordid (pictorial) Story of the “Richest Country in the World”

Steve Saville’s excellent post The monetary inflation moonshot (including the graph directly below) prompted me to go to the St. Louis Fed website and check out some COVID-era data graphs. So in addition to Steve’s calculation of the moonshot in new (funny) munny, which if we’re being honest is the only trick in the Fed’s bag, here are some other pictures from the financial and … Continue reading The Sordid (pictorial) Story of the “Richest Country in the World”