Gold/Silver Ratio: “Slowly I turned…”

Or in Moe’s classic Brooklyn accent, “slowly I toined…” I am thinking it might be nice to have a running view of the Gold/Silver ratio, at least as long as it is at a potential turning point, which above the daily EMA 20 it still is (as it eases today to fill yesterday’s little fear gap). To review, the Gold/Silver ratio is important only if … Continue reading Gold/Silver Ratio: “Slowly I turned…”

Saville: De Facto MMT

He’s one of the smart ones, without any of the promotional stink stuck to 90-something % of the financial media, large or small. Check out Steve Saville’s view on MMT, the Fed and inflation. De Facto MMT “Now, the Fed’s QE programs of 2008-2014 generated a lot less “price inflation” than many people feared. This was largely because the new money was injected into the … Continue reading Saville: De Facto MMT