Gold’s hidden affinity for Treasury bonds

Editorial comments follow the charts. Amid the massive rush to risk ‘off’, just look at the similarities between long-term Treasury bonds… …and the Gold/Commodities ratio. …and the Gold/Oil ratio (Jesus, that is incredible… although the momo is not sustainable). …and the Gold/Industrial Metals ratio (what a laggard!). …and the Gold/SPX ratio. …and the Gold/Global Stocks ratio. Not to mention another laggard (ha ha ha), the … Continue reading Gold’s hidden affinity for Treasury bonds


Looks like Trump will get his NIRP after all

See? Here we are racing to the bottom of the barrel along with everybody else. I guess the green trend line just about intersects ZERO or below. Subscribe to NFTRH Premium (monthly at USD $35.00 or a discounted yearly at USD $365.00) for an in-depth weekly market report, interim market updates and NFTRH+ chart and trade setup ideas. You can also keep up to date … Continue reading Looks like Trump will get his NIRP after all

Turned Off

A couple weeks ago during the volatility my Fidelity accounts not only got turned off, they disappeared all together. Today? We start with seizing up as apparently their little hamster on the wheel died of the Coronavirus. I swear that is the most rickety website. Pisses me off. But that is only part of why I have Trading View as a backup. Now, what … Continue reading Turned Off

NFTRH; Opportunity at Hand?

To answer the title’s question, it feels climactic, with crude oil now leading the charge in the Bear Olympics race to the bottom. -24% in a day. That is breathtaking. ‘Opportunity’ is a wide target and it may mean today or it may mean generally, with patience and discrete asset selection. But we’re in motion and that will eventually bring opportunity. Gold is doing what … Continue reading NFTRH; Opportunity at Hand?