“Man Who Predicted…”

Okay MSM, you’ve gone too far. A headline beginning with “man who predicted” is no better than than those infernal Taboola & Outbrained infomercials disguised as content, and financial internet Pitchmen of all stripes. It’s worse actually, because at least people know that is promotion. You represent yourself as a real financial market information source. Put aside for a moment that good ole’ Campbell Harvey, … Continue reading “Man Who Predicted…”

Fed Funds Views, w/ the Help of Yardeni.com

From the wonderful warehouse of economic and financial data known as Yardeini.com, here’s a snapshot of where things stand as the Fed gets in line with the rest of the globe and admits it’s a race to the bottom of the barrel. They are well on their way, where a bunch of NIRPs await to see who wins the bananas. That’s actually trick wording. It’s … Continue reading Fed Funds Views, w/ the Help of Yardeni.com