Fed Funds Views, w/ the Help of Yardeni.com

From the wonderful warehouse of economic and financial data known as Yardeini.com, here’s a snapshot of where things stand as the Fed gets in line with the rest of the globe and admits it’s a race to the bottom of the barrel.

They are well on their way, where a bunch of NIRPs await to see who wins the bananas. That’s actually trick wording. It’s gonna be bananas all around! The United Republics of NIRP… AKA the modern interconnected Keynesian Economy.

fed funds rate

Here’s a handy view of the various crises that came before the dreaded Coronavirus. The Fed sure does tend to react so as not to let asset owners suffer the fallout. That is of course because… leverage. is. not. orderly. when. it. unwinds.

fed funds and financial crises

Here is the Fed Funds rate and the Business Cycle. Isn’t it interesting how well systemic crises and exogenous events tend to correlate so well with ending business cycles?

fed funds rate

Finally, here is the CME, guiding the Fed Funds rate down, down, down… to the bottom of that barrel where the other desperate fishes swim.

cme fed funds futures

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