New Year, New War; But it’s Still the Economy (stupid)

Happy New Year 2020 is kicking into gear with the fading noise about the trade war morphing into a rising din about a potential shooting war, complete with World War 3 headlines. This will be worked through as is usually the case with inflammatory geopolitical events, and then the market’s dynamics that matter will kick in again. On New Year’s Eve we noted that the … Continue reading New Year, New War; But it’s Still the Economy (stupid)

Silver/Gold Ratio Today

As with the VIX, the Silver/Gold ratio is not (yet) buying the doom of World War 3 either. Nor is it particularly buying the weak manufacturing data, which would theoretically be a negative for cost-push inflation. Whatever. Here is the SGR testing what is probably a pretty important area today. Subscribe to NFTRH Premium (monthly at USD $35.00 or a discounted yearly at USD $365.00) … Continue reading Silver/Gold Ratio Today

VIX Still in Lock Down

The term World War III is appearing in headlines this morning. The VIX for one, is unimpressed as yet. It spiked, reversed back below the daily SMA 200 and now is pulling back toward the SMA 50. By definition a significantly depressed VIX is generally an indicator of high risk vs. reward. But this morning’s headlines have not broken it upward from that condition. Indeed, … Continue reading VIX Still in Lock Down


We had an NFTRH update on this a little while ago. It was all about the practical market management aspect of this situation. It is vital in markets to mute or filter the noise at all times. That said, this is noise beyond the average. Click headline, get article or go to the main MarketWatch page and get a ton of articles on the US … Continue reading US-Iran


NFTRH; Market Knee Jerk Playbook: US-Iran Edition

I checked the futures this morning only to see broad stocks down after yesterday’s ‘China stimulus’ party. I saw copper down but oil up and there was gold (and to a much lesser degree, silver), ramping up as well. Hmmm… strange. What could be up with these mixed messages? Well of course, it’s the old geopolitical tensions play (US-Iran). Now I suppose anything can happen … Continue reading NFTRH; Market Knee Jerk Playbook: US-Iran Edition