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We had an NFTRH update on this a little while ago. It was all about the practical market management aspect of this situation. It is vital in markets to mute or filter the noise at all times.

That said, this is noise beyond the average. Click headline, get article or go to the main MarketWatch page and get a ton of articles on the US strike against an Iranian commander.

Speaking now as a human as opposed to a market manager, do you know what makes me the most nervous about this? Wondering how well aligned Trump was or was not with his intelligence community, that’s what. That would be the same intelligence community that he has reviled and tried to discredit. With an ego like Trump’s, it is not out of the realm of possibility that this strike came more from his own impulses and less from reputable sources whose job it is to know about targets and threats.

I hope I am wrong about that.